The Minerals are the Whole Thing

If you think about it, you already kind of know this. Think back. What's the ONE thing you can recall from 7th grade science class?

Copper is a _______. (Right, conduit. A+)

Conduits are the things that transport ______. (Yes, energy. You're so smart.)

So when you're not giving your body enough minerals, like copper, even if you're doing everything else right, the energy isn't going to go where it needs to go and over time, you'll feel depleted and lethargic. Long-term symptoms of copper deficiency include hair loss/baldness, premature greying, sagging skin, and feelings of doubt about whether you're up to the challenges life brings. So, you can see this one's pretty important as far as things most of us never even think about go.

How can you get more copper in your life? Luckily, it's easy and delicious. 1) Eat grassfed beef liver 2-3x per week. Beef liver has by far the highest concentration of bioavailable copper (and numerous other magical elements) known to humankind. 2) Eat fresh oysters and lobster as much as possible. Not always easy for those of us living in the grasslands, but what a treat when we do get them! Incidentally, oysters are also very high in selenium, another overlooked mineral which helps the body optimize all the copper. and 3) Eat copious amounts of grassfed beef that spent its life grazing on pastures that are lush and replete with minerals. We win at this one.

They eat grasses from healthy topsoil full of minerals >> You eat them >> Your body gets filled up with the minerals it so desperately needs >> Your energy increases and your life gets better and better

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