• North America's Most Mineral-Rich Grasslands

    Tallgrass Heritage grassfed beef is unlike anything else. Born and raised on some of North America's most mineral-dense grasslands, it has a superior nutritional and flavor profile you won't find anywhere else!
  • Are You Fully Resourced?

    I saw the top quote at the gym today and I was like... yes.. and no..Personally, I was nutritionally under-resourced my entire life until my early ...
  • The Heritage of Tallgrass

    A true visionary and a man on a mission, in 1901, he laid the first ever fence in Osage County and shortly thereafter he ran a herd of 100,000 head of cattle in the area. You read that right: One Hundred Thousand. I can't even imagine what that looks like and this was all done on long drives on horseback and trains. Why? Because it was and still is the best grassland in North America.
  • On Soft Beef

    People, I’m just going to say here what I couldn’t say then: The American palette has been ruined by this stuff. Instead of hearty, flavorful, mineral-rich, and full of life, people have been duped into thinking soft, sad, and tasteless beef is ‘tender’. 
  • The Minerals are the Whole Thing

    When you're not giving your body enough minerals, like copper, even if you're doing everything else right, the energy isn't going to go where it needs to go and over time, you'll feel depleted and lethargic. 
  • Recipe: Marie's Meatballs

    Marie's own delicious, nutrition meatball recipe! These are grain-free and gluten-free and chock full of flavor. Buon appetito!

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  • Meet the Offal: Liver Edition

    One of the most nutritive substances on the planet, here we discuss grassfed beef liver and why you need to learn to love it.
  • Top Five Family-Friendly New Year's Eve Ideas in Tulsa

    Check out our roundup of some of the best activities going on in and around Tulsa for New Year's celebrations.
  • Recipe: Grain-free Marinated Sirloin Steak

    Simple recipe to prepare tender and sumptuous marinated sirloin steak. Also works well with flank and skirt steaks.
  • An Open Mind: Healing with the GAPS Diet Protocol

    After 18 years as a vegetarian, I finally listened to my body long enough to make the changes it was craving. Why I went from vegetarian to beef purveyor.
  • A Light in the Dark

    As we approach winter solstice and the holiday season, it’s easy to find ourselves getting caught up in old patterns and ways of thinking, the call to hibernate and close ourselves off and protect our energy is ever present.
  • A Tale of Two Steaks: Grass-finished vs. Grain-finished

    What do grass-fed and grass-finished really mean? And how important is it to understand the full lifecycle of what we're consuming and feeding our families for optimal health? In this post, we discuss what grain-finishing really entails and break it down for what that means for us as consumers.